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A Short Course in Residential Repair:

Virtually all deterioration and consequent repair of the exterior envelope of a house has little to do with ordinary use or weather. Residential exteriors experience little direct wear. Aside from being the source of water the effect of weather is only gradual.

The bulk of deterioration is a biological process: micro organisms and insects flourishing in an environment of adequate moisture. Their resultant damage ranges from seemingly superficial checking and cracking to massive rot and insect infestation.

Meaningful repair transcends simply reestablishing appearance and structural integrity; it also addresses causality. House deterioration is caused primarily by moisture. The destructive organisms require chronic dampness. Recurrence is prevented by stopping future water intrusion.

Gary D. Torgerson Co. repair work is performed to a level of technical sophistication rarely encountered in residential renovation. While technical specifications vary according to the type of work, completed repairs reflect a common design theme: multiple redundant protections are in place to guard against recurrence.

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