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Residential Interior Painting

A Short Description of Gary D. Torgerson Co. Interior Painting

Our company's interior restorations are essentially a resurfacing process. "Painting" is only the final step.

Stages include:

  1. Encapsulation of floors and furnishings under continuous plastic masking where they remain hermetically sealed. On completion floors and furnishing are expected to emerge unaffected.
  2. Removal of unsound or poorly bonding materials ranging from paint to deteriorated wood and plaster.
  3. Repairs: bound doors and windows, broken sash cords or damaged plaster, for example.
  4. Various filling techniques to erase separations and abrasions.
  5. Application of coatings. Inspection is by finger tip. The finish must be slippery smooth.

The goal of Gary D. Torgerson Co. interior restoration is to transform living spaces to an unprecedented state of elegance.

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