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Gary D. Torgerson Co. exterior restoration seeks to addresses all accumulated maintenance. Primarily, work is a coordinated joint endeavor of painters and carpenters; however, additional trades are of course utilized as required.

All work is engineered for long-term durability.

The end result is a home which:
     1. Is comprehensively repaired.
     2. Is protected by a highly durable, tightly bonded, elastic and water resistant membrane.
     3. Has an appearance approaching or surpassing original construction.
A Short Course In House Painting
Modern acrylic house paints are durable beyond credible belief. They are essentially a plastic. However, the need to repaint is almost never due to pronounced weathering of the last coast of paint. What has been happening beneath the top coat, spanning the gamut from blistering and peeling (almost always originating in undercoats) to wood fissuring to (ultimately) rot is what actually determines the need for further maintenance. That the last coat of paint may be as good as the day it went on the building is irrelevant.

To achieve long-term preservation of a home's exterior
     1. Water must not dampen wood, nor
     2. Enter the structure.
Therefore, in properly engineered house painting:
     1. All wood must be isolated from the elements by primer that has soaked down into its abraded surfaces during application.
     2. All entry points for water must be bridged by tough, elastic seals.
     3. Cosmetics aside, finish coats serve primarily as a renewable shield over the basic protective elements of primer and sealants.